Tango Classes in London

“Tango is a dance for partners and a traditional Latin Dance. The modern Ballroom Tango is a variation on the Argentinian Tango. Tango classes in London are still widely available as part of the Ballroom or Latin dance scene.”

Tango Classes in London are most often to be found in Ballroom or Latin dancing circles. Often attracting a more mature crowd, “Tango Lessons London” remains a popular search online. Traditional Argentinian Tango lessons will take place in Latin dance studios and are often delivered as private lessons. Ballroom Tango classes can be found in most Ballroom dance studios. Either way, Tango remains an exciting and passionate dance form for couples. See some of the best Tango classes in London in our listings below.


Teach Me 2 Dance


Dance Art Studios




Kensington Dance Studio

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