Pole Dancing Classes in Manchester

“Pole Dance classes have become one of the fastest-growing dance fitness trends in the UK. Also referred to as Pole Fitness, today pole dance classes in Manchester have taken on a new identity, with studios and classes increasingly owned and managed by women.”

Once only to be found in seedy gentlemen’s clubs, Pole Dancing in Manchester has become a popular dance fitness movement and is enjoyed by women of all ages. Pole dancing classes for men have also emerged in recent years. Pole Fitness, alternatively called “Aerial Fitness”, or “Aerial Arts” is a great way to develop core strength. And it’s easier to get into than many people think. Pole dance classes for beginners are available throughout the city. You can see some of the best Pole Dancing classes in Manchester in our listings below.

Dance Fitness

Cloud Aerial Arts

Dance Fitness

Bodybarre Pole and Aerial Studio


Gffdamian Dance Studio

Dance Fitness


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