Pole Dancing Classes Dublin

“Pole Dancing Classes in Dublin can be found in a variety of specialist dance schools. Pole Dancing studios have worked hard to shake off their murky history and establish themselves as a new dance fitness movement that is popular with women of all ages and body types. Now often referred to as “Aerial Dance” or “Aerial Fitness”, this dance style is becoming increasingly popular with men as well.”

Pole dancing has become popular in Dublin in recent years, both as a form of exercise and physical training as well as an art form in its own right. There are an increasing number of pole dancing studios in Dublin. Once tarnished with the image of seedy gentlemen’s clubs, this dance movement has been working hard to take control of the narrative, re-branding itself as a healthy form of dance fitness and empowerment. You can see the full list of Pole Dance schools in Dublin below:

Dance Fitness

TRIBE Fitness and Dance Studio

Dance Fitness

Just Dance & Fitness

Dance Fitness

Irish Pole Dance Academy

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