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Do you feel like dancing?  If you have ever asked yourself, “How do I find dance classes near me?” or, “What are the best dance studios near me?” or even, “What type of classes do the dance schools near me offer?” then you’ve come to the right page.  With so many dance studios out there, it can be difficult to choose.  Here we discuss the options for finding the right dance class for your or your children.  You’ll also find listings of all the dance schools and dance classes in your area.

1. Style

There are dozens of different dances and dance styles emanating from all over the globe, some modern and some traditional.  For the sake of simplicity, we have classified all of these various dances into 8 main categories: Ballet, Ballroom, Latin, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Street, Folk/World, and Dance Fitness.  Each of these categories includes a wide variety of subcategories and styles.  So for example, the Latin category includes Salsa, Flamenco, Bachata and other Latin dances.  Folk/World encompasses such varied dance styles as Irish Dancing, Belly Dancing, and Bollywood.  There is also quite a bit of crossover between the classifications, as Ballroom dancing incorporates dance styles that have arisen out of Jazz or Latin dance traditions. For more about the many different styles of dance available see the IDTA website

2. Age Group/Participants

There is no perfect age to start learning to dance.  For example, the Royal Academy of Dance in London offers classes from age 2 up to their Silver Swans classes aimed at senior citizens.  For children, or those seeking to dance competitively, it is better to start younger. But there really is no upper limit.  Dance studios offer classes and private dance lessons to learners of all ages.  Generally speaking though, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Ballet dance classes will aim to attract young beginners and develop them over time, other styles such as Latin and Ballroom classes will often be aimed at adults and couples of all levels.  Some dance studios offer dance classes specifically aimed at couples.  Couples dance classes can be a great way to exercise, meet friends, and to see your partner in a new light. 

3. Level (Beginners, Improvers, Advanced, Competitive)

Dance classes can be offered at different levels of ability.  The number and classifications of levels vary depending on how formal the class is, the dance style being taught (E.g. Salsa, Folk, or Ballet), and the dance studio or teaching method.  At the formal level, RAD offers ballet classes based around the 8 Grades.  Less formal studios will often have classes at Beginners, Improvers, and Advanced levels.  Some dance schools will assess your ability before streaming you into one of the classes.  If you are looking for a dance class for the first time, you will want to join a Beginners class.  If you have danced before, an Improvers or Advanced group might be more suitable. 

4. Purpose

Some of the commonly cited reasons people give for wanting to take a dance class include:


Meet people

Fun, relaxation

Join a group

Learn about music and culture through dance

Dance competitively

5. Time/Class Schedule

When you can go will also be a factor in choosing a dance class. There are day classes, night classes, weeknights and weekends. Choose a time that enables you to attend regularly. Missing classes can often lead to you falling behind and can be the first step towards dropping out.

6. Price/Class Fees

Classes range from free to pretty expensive.  Signing up for a season or year often offers significant discounts over paying per class.  Some dance studios will allow you to have a free trial lesson so you can try before you buy.

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